Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What's in my gym bag

This summer, I've been trying to hit the gym as much as possible (be on the lookout for a post about that in the near future), but I would be lost without my trusty gym bag

The bag I use is simple enough -- it's pretty much just functional at this point. However, I really like this one at The Pink Monogram if you're looking for something with a girly touch. 

I always make sure to pack my headphones (JVC, here) and notebook (Moleskine Volant, similar here) -- the notebook is super important, because it helps me track my cardio and particularly my strength training workouts. It's sometimes really motivating just to look back and see where I've started, to know how far I've come since then. 

And, of course, the water bottle. This is a staple, not just for the gym, but for my everyday life. In college it's super important to carry a water bottle, since you can be out most of the day for classes and library time, and hydration is kinda sorta essential for maintaining good health. Anyway. This Nalgene has held up super well for being carried around with me every single day, and the multi-drink nozzles are the best. Check it out. 

Hair ties, bobby pins, deodorant. I'll admit I don't always have these items with me, but I do take them whenever I remember to. You never know when a hair tie will break, and you don't want to be left with your hair down at the gym. Trust me. The worst. 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST (and, coincidentally, not pictured): KEYS. Mine also happen to have my gym membership card (aka my student ID) on them, so that's super important. Don't lock yourself out of your house, apartment, or dorm, ladies.


So, how was my roundup? Anything I left out? Suggestions? Questions? Concerns? Talk to me in the comments section. :) 

Love you all! 


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